Ubuntu horror stories: No headphones sound?

I’ll be starting this series of blog posts about my horrible experiences with Ubuntu.
Note: of course there’ll be posts about the good sides of Ubuntu, which are many but not easy to find at first if you’re a newbie like me!

So to introduce my setup – Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 13.10.
2 partitions, no conflicts.. or so it should be.

After 7 installations of different Ubuntu isos, I settled with Ubuntu 13.10 x64. I was getting accustomed to all the bugs in the OS, but suddenly I restart with Shutdown -> Restart, boot my Windows 8.1 and I notice that I have no sound.

Instantly what the hell, why are Ubuntu bugs chasing me in Windows? Well it seemed like this is a common problem (aren’t all Ubuntu problems common? #good-ubuntu-developers)

SO HOW DO I FIX THIS? Welp, you just have to use Shutdown -> Shutdown every time you want to boot your Windows after you’ve used Ubuntu.


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