Python development in Visual Studio?

I wasn’t very fond of Microsoft’s IDE until I started writing HTML5/CSS3. Then I kind of fell in love with the native black theme, the IntelliSense and most importantly – the debugger.
So I thought, what if it’s also possible to write Python code there. Well, it is!

With this neat plugin called Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.0. It was available for previous version of the VS IDE, however since the 2013 version of VS, you can have it a lot easier.

(Before you install Python tools)

If you dig through the New Project menu, surprisingly, you’ll find a Python category and it’ll suggest you to download Python Tools. You don’t even have to google it!


Afterwards it’s a walk in the park. You download it, install it and you’re ready to go.

The Python category will look somewhat like this

Python in Visual Studio 2013

Happy Python times. Good job Microsoft.

BUT! I have yet to fix that annoying The application data folder for Visual Studio could not be created bug….  oh well. True happiness is a rare 😀


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